In this section we finally have pictures of the "H.O. ONE-FIFTY" series Searchlight signals....

We also now supply a MOMENTARY CONTACT TOGGLE SWITCH, part #HMA 113... This switch has been made available, for use as a "manual override" of our Activators, should anyone need to stop or re-start crossing lights without a loco passing over the reed switches... It may also be used to control Point motor solenoids.

Finally, there is now available in "O" Scale a SHEPHERD'S CROOK style station yard lamp. This lamp is of course another of our "removeable" types.


The two targets are wired seperately so each head can be Red, Green or Yellow as required. These target signals are designed to run on 15 volts A.C. using 2 diodes to change polarity and therefore give red or green and bypassing the diodes to provide Yellow colour. This runs both Red and Green together, producing an acceptable "Yellow" colour. However this colour does vary with the viewing angle.

If using HMA 114 Reverse Polarity Switches to operate these signals, no extra diodes are required (as they are part of the switch).


As it is not always convenient to get to an electronics store, HMA now supply a Pack of four "IN4007" diodes as a service to customers, Catalogue HMA 111. Not as cheap as the electronics store, but more convenient for 1 stop modelling.

We also have a pack of two, Glass Reed Switches, Catalogue #HMA 112, always a handy item for magnetically operated accessories.